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Simple Continuous Feedback

Ask simple questions every week with teambay to understand the level of your team’s satisfaction and happiness at work.

Benchmark your organisation

Get a simple analysis across departments, gender and seniority levels and see how similar companies answer teambay questions compared to your enterprise.

Pinpoint challenges and strengths

teambay questions are based on scientific research and are carefully chosen to fully explore all aspects of your team’s job satisfaction and engagement.

Get manageable results

Using teambay, you can ask yes/no questions that will provide you with actionable, concise, and relevant responses.

simple feedback question weekly

Start A Dialogue With Your Team

Secure, anonymous and safe

Employee anonymity is a core component of our tool. We provide your employees with a safe environment to give honest feedback.

Reply to anonymous ideas

teambay enables a dialogue between management and employees based on anonymous feedback. Managers are able to reply to ideas and suggestions in the Dashboard.

Rewarding for the company and all employees

Show your commitment to happiness at work within your company and let your employees know that you care about workplace culture.

anonymization of employee feedback

Build a Great Company Culture

React to your team’s opinions and feelings. Solve the real issue not the symptoms.

Monitor change continuously

Start a continuous change project and track your team’s reactions and opinions week by week.

Value your employees' opinions

teambay provides you with a detailed analysis of your employees’ opinions and feedback. Make it count and listen to the heartbeat of your organisation.

Foster innovation

Your employees are the foundation of your success. Make use of their creativity and their ideas. Let your people take your company to the next level.

"The real innovation teambay provides is the analysis of the data. The results are displayed in a clearly arranged report. At first sight, companies can see what actions to take and can compare their culture to other companies. It is a simple solution that works for small teams and big corporations."
Jeremy Ames CEO - HiveTech HR
"Yearly conducted employee surveys are a product of the past. In a fast-moving environment, we have to be in touch with our employees, learn from their experiences and react to their concerns. teambay helps to prevent problems from reaching the business' most valuable asset, their people."
Dirk Blesius Senior VP Human Resources - Kuehne + Nagel
"I love the idea of asking quick question combined with the “Thank You” and the tips for management. I recommend teambay 10/10."
Anonymous Employee

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Sarah Bohlmeier – Founder & Managing Director

MSc Organisational Behaviour from London School of Economics, Human Resources professional & social science researcher