Simple Actionable Employee Survey Questions

Over the last three years we have collected, studied, and tested more than a thousand employee engagement and employee survey questions. For all of our questions we collected ratings from employees, managers, and organisational behaviour scientists (read more about teambay's question evaluation process here).
Below is a list of the most relevant topics that you could ask your organisation, split into five categories.

Company Identification Survey Questions

  • Management Choices 
    Do you generally think that your management is taking the right decisions concerning the company’s future?
  • Inclusion In Change Processes 
    Do you feel informed about changes in the company that concern you and your work? | read blog article
  • Information Transparency 
    Do you feel that processes and decisions in your company are transparent? | read blog article
  • Employer Recommendation 
    If you had a friend whose skills matched an open position at your work, would you encourage the friend to apply?
  • Tools at Work
    Do you have all the tools you need to do your work well? | read blog article
  • Company & Personal Values
    Do you think your personal values match the values of your company? | read blog article
  • Supporting Productivity
    Do you think that employees that have problems performing well at their job are supported effectively?
  • Perceived Fairness
    Do you think that your company (including your supervisors) is generally acting fairly towards you? | read blog article
  • Team Communication Channels
    Do you think that communication channels within your team are efficient? | read blog article
  • Sharing Knowledge
    Do you believe that best-practices are openly shared within your company?

Employee Recognition Survey Questions

  • Handling Employee Suggestions
    Do you feel that your feedback is taken seriously and your suggestions are honestly considered? | read blog article
  • Appreciation of Work 
    In the last 6 months has someone explicitly appreciated your work?
  • Impact on Company Success
    Do you understand how your role contributes to the success of your company?
  • Expectation Management at Work
    Do you know what is expected from you at work?
  • Constructive Feedback about Work 
    Do you usually receive useful and constructive feedback about the work you do?
  • Quality VS. Quantity 
    Do you feel that the quality of your work is more important than its quantity?
  • Compensation & Benefits
    In comparison to your colleagues/people in the same profession, do you feel fairly rewarded?
  • Codetermination 
    At work, do you feel that you have enough opportunities to contribute to decisions that affect you?

Career Development Survey Questions

  • Professional Goals
    Do you feel like the work you have done in the last six months has moved you closer to your professional goals? | read blog article
  • Career Growth
    Do you see a clear path for how to grow in your company? | read blog article
  • Training & Education
    Do you feel that you are receiving the necessary training and education to help you improve the quality and understanding of your work?
  • Time for Favourite Projects
    Does your company give you the opportunity to invest extra time in your favourite projects?
  • Job Challenge & Personal Drive
    Do you feel that your work is challenging enough for you?
  • Focus at Work 
    Last week, did you spend the majority of your time doing what you considered to be your job?
  • Future Perspective 
    Do you see yourself working for your company one year from now?

Working Relationships Survey Questions

  • Autonomy at Work
    Do you feel like your supervisor is giving you enough autonomy in your work? | read blog article
  • Trusting Relationship with Supervisor | If you or your supervisor made a mistake, are you comfortable talking to him/her?
  • Support From Colleagues 
    The last time you were stuck with a difficult task, did you get a colleague to help you?
  • Companionship at Work
    Is there a person at work whose company you enjoy like that of a friend?
  • Perceived Supervisor Competence
    Do you trust your supervisor to give you the best direction on your work?
  • Team Commitment to Quality
    Do you believe that your colleagues are generally looking for ways to improve the quality of your company’s products and services?
  • Working Morale 
    In general, are you happy with your colleagues overall attitude and behaviour at work?

Employee Well-Being Survey Questions

  • Company Support in Case of Need
    Do you think that in a case of need (care for parents/children/medical condition) your company would support you in managing your personal life and your work?
  • Manageable Workload 
    In the last month, did you always feel in control of your work and faced manageable amounts of tasks?
  • Concentration
    Do you work in an environment that allows you to concentrate?
  • Positivity towards Work 
    Do the days you DO want to come to work outnumber the days you DON’T want to come to work?
  • Personal Activities & Hobbies  Do you have time for hobbies/personal activities next to your work? | read blog article
  • Positive Impact from Work 
    All things considered, do you think your job gives more than it takes?
  • Work – Life Balance
    Are you able to satisfy both your job and personal responsibilities? | read blog article
  • Satisfaction & Ambition
    In the last month, did doing your job well give you a sense of personal satisfaction?
  • Health
    In the last three months, were you generally feeling healthy?
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Sarah Bohlmeier – Founder & Managing Director

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