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agile person doing parkour exhibition

We are agile! Aren’t we? – How to measure agility within your enterprise

Every company is going through the phase of digitization and confronted with constant change. As a consequence, agility is a big buzzword these days. New resolutions are made, policies are crafted. But what does agility even mean? How do executives … Read More

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Right Questions, actionable Results – Which Survey Questions you should ask your Employees

Every company is unique, which means that every company has its unique goals and culture. Accordingly, there is no ‘one right way’ for a continuous dialogue with employees that works for all companies. It can be challenging for managers and … Read More

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Holzfiguren: Die passende Unternehmenskultur bauen

New Work? Only with the right company culture!

Whilst self-determination is only one of several aspects in the original New Work concept, it is gaining more and more importance in the effective implementation of New Work in companies. Digital transformation allows for a much higher level of flexibility … Read More

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Was wir von Bergsteigern über Mitarbeiterbefragungen lernen können

What Mountaineers can teach us about Employee Surveys

Are my employees still with me, on the set path and still motivated? Employee surveys are like the mountain guide’s glance over his shoulder on the other mountaineers. But how can this help in climbing the mountain and mastering challenges? … Read More

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Meinungsklima: schweigende Statue

Silence is not always golden – When employees are afraid to speak out

There is no doubt that the success of a company is strongly influenced by the company culture and the every-day working atmosphere inside the company. Shouldn’t that imply a strong need for every company to do their best in order … Read More

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continuous change

Continuous Change: When Transformation becomes the Rule

We live in a time of continuous change: digitization, reorganisation and ever changing work environments are daily business. So how can we not just try to keep up with external changes, but instead control change in accordance with our individual … Read More

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Produktivität im Home-Office

Five Productivity Boosters for Your Home Office

How to Get the Most from Your Home Office When it comes to working from home, people tend to differ sharply. For some, it is the most efficient and effective way to work, for others it is neither an option … Read More

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Probleme am Arbeitsplatz - problems at the workplace

How to deal with common problems in the workplace

More often than not, there’s a nagging problem or two in the workplace that you may not know how to deal with. Whether it be a nasty workplace bully or something as common as a heavy workload, if you’ve got … Read More

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Freundschaft am Arbeitsplatz und Hilfe unter Kollegen - friendship at work

Friendship at work: Help and support in your daily work life

According to a research study of TNS Emnid for Statista, the work atmosphere influences the quality of your work life immensely (by 55%). The tasks and the money you get for it are only ranked 2nd and 3rd with 42% … Read More

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How to optimize productivity in the workplace

How to Optimize Productivity in the Workplace

When it comes to work, we’ve all been faced with the question: which is more important, quality or quantity? Is it more important to cross off everything on your to-do-list, or to finish only half of the work and feel … Read More

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