How Making Time for Your Hobbies Can Benefit Your Work Performance

The goal to perform your best at work can keep you constantly thinking about your job, even to the point of working extra hours. But between balancing our workload and personal responsibilities, it is just as important to make time … Read More

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on laptop, struggling with work-life-balance

How to Strike the Perfect Work-Life Balance

As we begin to settle into the new, digitalised world, in which we can always be online, reachable, and active, it is important that we do not allow our lives to be dominated by the constant flow of communication, especially … Read More

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Does Your Company Present a Clear Path for Career Growth?

These days, more companies are following the trend of changing their organisational structure to reduce the number of layers in management hierarchy. Their goals are to introduce shorter paths of communication, more team based decision making, and a general sense … Read More

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lady justice, symbolising fairness

3 Steps to Ensure Fairness in the Workplace

Justice in the workplace is just as important as it is anywhere else. A situation in which employees feel that they are not being treated fairly will result in lower productivity, lack of motivation, and negative relationships, which can lead … Read More

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a variety of tools

The Importance of Providing the Right Tools at Work

“You’re only as good as the tools you use” This saying has been around for many years and highlights the importance of using the correct tool for the job. Consequently, it means that your employees are only as good as … Read More

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Old-fashioned scale, repräsentiert organisatorische Werte

Personal and Organisational Values: More than Just a Flowery Statement

More and more companies are coming to appreciate the advantage of defining company values, as each tries to describe its company culture to potential employees, future clients, or even disillusioned colleagues. How important are these statements of organisational values, and … Read More

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A man looking at a wall of ideas

Effects of Information Transparency

Managers are constantly asking themselves, “How can I get my workers to be more productive?” There are certainly many answers to this question, but a simple way to boost productivity is by implementing information transparency, especially in regards to processes … Read More

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freedom-form company

Liberating your Company: The Key to Success?

  Are you dreaming of a motivated, self-sufficient and enthusiastic team, high productivity thanks to strong staff engagement and at the same time reducing the company’s costs? Some companies take up the challenge by becoming a freedom-form company or F-form … Read More

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employee as robot without work-life balance

Exciting Job and Good Work-Life Balance, a mere Mirage?

Work-life balance is one of the main concerns in HR, and also maybe one of the biggest dilemmas. As a manager, why should you worry about people willing to come early and stay late at the office? Isn’t it the … Read More

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alarm clock: meaningful job

Meaningful Job: Jumping Out of Bed in the Morning

We know pretty well what characteristics are incompatible with fulfilment at work: lack of autonomy, repetitive tasks, unchallenging job, unconstructive feedback, lack of social interactions, and working on project segments rather than developing projects from the start and to the … Read More

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