employee as robot without work-life balance

Exciting Job and Good Work-Life Balance, a mere Mirage?

Work-life balance is one of the main concerns in HR, and also maybe one of the biggest dilemmas. As a manager, why should you worry about people willing to come early and stay late at the office? Isn’t it the … Read More

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alarm clock: meaningful job

Meaningful Job: Jumping Out of Bed in the Morning

We know pretty well what characteristics are incompatible with fulfilment at work: lack of autonomy, repetitive tasks, unchallenging job, unconstructive feedback, lack of social interactions, and working on project segments rather than developing projects from the start and to the … Read More

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image of chessboard representing conflict and disagreement at the workplace

Disagreement at the Workplace

The CEO and management consultant Margaret Heffernan conducted a survey among European and American executives asking them about their ability to express disagreement at the workplace in 2015. She found out that 85 percent of them acknowledged that they had … Read More

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Data Stream: Important for Trends and New Solutions HR - Neue HR Lösungen und Trends

Trends and New Solutions – Is HR Driving or Being Driven?

Being based in Berlin, surrounded by innovation and start ups, we are learning about new solutions and HR tech companies in HR on a weekly even daily basis. At conferences and fairs HR managers are surrounded with new ideas and … Read More

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Manageable Workload: How to Help Your Employees Feel in Control of Their Work

Why is productivity so disappointing in all sorts of companies despite new technologies? Why is there so little engagement at work? Why do people feel so miserable, even actively disengaged? Those are the questions asked by Yves Morieux in a Ted Talk devoted … Read More

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change management veränderungsprozesse

Change Management – Empower your People and Listen to Concerns

Throughout the last decades, more and more companies came to the realization that change management is not only inevitable but a constant in any organization. The implementation of processes, methods and structures has become a must-have in any organizational development. … Read More

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decision making entscheidungsprozesse

More than just Free Fruits, Coffee and Table Football

To build a company culture that employees can really identify themselves with and to develop work structures that fit different types of employees – seems to be much easier said than done. Still, it is possible. The Berlin-based app analytics … Read More

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“Shopgate thrives on its Employees”

The culture of a company is essential for its success. Especially when experiencing fast growth it is a challenge for a company to maintain the original company culture. Shopgate, a mobile commerce company developing apps and mobile websites for online … Read More

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Professional Goals: Reconciling Personal Aspirations and Daily Work

The American psychologist and Harvard researcher Shawn Achor held a hilarious and smart Ted Talk in 2011 regarding positive psychology. At some point in his speech, he shows a graph made of a series of red dots. All of them … Read More

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autonomy at work

Autonomy at Work: The Subtle Art of Delegation

In order to illustrate the power of incentives, the scientist Sam Glucksberg, now at Princeton University, did an experiment using the candle problem. First, you need to know what the candle problem is. If you already do, you can jump … Read More

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