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lotterie jackpot - engagierte mitarbeiter würden trotzdem weiterarbeiten

Would You Stay at Your Job If You Won the Lottery?

The question of how much salary matters for job satisfaction and loyalty is always pressing on the consciousness of employers and employees alike. While there is significant research which proves that compensation is a key component of employee satisfaction, there … Read More

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people working together for great company culture

4 Steps to a Better Company Culture with teambay

teambay was founded with one question in mind: How can we promote real employee satisfaction?   Answering this important question became our mission: we researched, tested, and poured all our efforts to creating a solution that could apply to absolutely … Read More

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productive workplace, produktive arbeitsatmosphäre

Creating a Productive Workplace

The interior design and overall atmosphere of a workplace has a huge impact on employee performance and happiness. Your employees are your biggest asset, and when they are motivated to produce their best work, they give you a competitive edge. … Read More

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laptop interne kommunikation

Tips to Improve Your Internal Communication

Effective internal communication is vital to the productivity of your company. With the abundance of tools and services available in today’s high-tech workplace, communicating effectively can become somewhat complicated. Below, I’ve compiled a list of tips to improve your communication … Read More

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biking hobbies

How Making Time for Your Hobbies Can Benefit Your Work Performance

The goal to perform your best at work can keep you constantly thinking about your job, even to the point of working extra hours. But between balancing our workload and personal responsibilities, it is just as important to make time … Read More

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on laptop, struggling with work-life-balance

How to Strike the Perfect Work-Life Balance

As we begin to settle into the new, digitalised world, in which we can always be online, reachable, and active, it is important that we do not allow our lives to be dominated by the constant flow of communication, especially … Read More

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path representing career growth

Does Your Company Present a Clear Path for Career Growth?

These days, more companies are following the trend of changing their organisational structure to reduce the number of layers in management hierarchy. Their goals are to introduce shorter paths of communication, more team based decision making, and a general sense … Read More

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lady justice, symbolising fairness at work, fairness am Arbeitsplatz

3 Steps to Ensure Fairness in the Workplace

Justice in the workplace is just as important as it is anywhere else. A situation in which employees feel that they are not being treated fairly will result in lower productivity, lack of motivation, and negative relationships, which can lead … Read More

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Werkzeuge: wichtig für produktive Mitarbeiter

The Importance of Providing the Right Tools at Work

“You’re only as good as the tools you use” This saying has been around for many years and highlights the importance of using the correct tool for the job. Consequently, it means that your employees are only as good as … Read More

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Old-fashioned scale, repräsentiert organisatorische Werte

Personal and Organisational Values: More than Just a Flowery Statement

More and more companies are coming to appreciate the advantage of defining company values, as each tries to describe its company culture to potential employees, future clients, or even disillusioned colleagues. How important are these statements of organisational values, and … Read More

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