productive workplace, produktive arbeitsatmosphäre

The interior design and overall atmosphere of a workplace has a huge impact on employee performance and happiness. Your employees are your biggest asset, and when they are motivated to produce their best work, they give you a competitive edge. So it’s important to keep them satisfied. Below is some advice to encourage your employees and foster a more productive workplace.



One way to increase the productivity of your employees is to give them options for where they can do their jobs. Provide a few different areas within your office where your employees can work; maybe a couch, a bean bag, a separate room, a terrace (if you’re so lucky). Having options gives employees the power to decide for themselves where they’d like to work, which makes them happy. For example, at teambay we have lawn chairs inside the office that we can use whenever we’d like. Even if we aren’t sitting in them, the fact that they’re there adds a relaxing element to our workplace environment. The point is that we aren’t chained to our desks, which lets us remain comfortable and able to focus on the task at hand.


A recent trend that has emerged in workplaces all over the world is the standing desk. Standing desks give employees a break from sitting down all day. Plus, standing while you work is good for your posture and increases bloodflow to your brain, improving your health and productivity. Show your commitment to the well-being of your employees by investing in a few standing desks and giving your employees a chance to work differently.


It is also good to allow your employees to customise their own work area. People know what they need around them to feel comfortable and motivated. They might want to add pictures, snacks, anything, to make their work environment more comfortable to them. Allow them to create a space that they want to be in and makes them happy to be at work. You can even take this a step further and let your employees work from home, if possible. Then, they can really take control of their work environment and will be more satisfied, and therefore more productive. Plus, letting your employees work from home from time to time shows that you trust them to get their work done, which could strengthen your relationship with them.


Natural Elements

Another way to improve the vibe of the office is to introduce some natural elements. Houseplants are a great addition to any workplace because they bring colour and life. They also improve the air quality in the room. The easiest way to do that, however, is to open a window. Fresh air is energising and stimulating, which keeps employees happy and fit to work. Plus, a lot of the time, we don’t realise how stuffy the office can get until we leave the room. Additionally, give your employees access to natural light, if possible. Fluorescent lights and LED’s might be very bright, but raw sunlight is the best. Plus, it saves energy.


The best way to create an environment that makes your employees happy and motivated to work is to design the workplace in a way that clearly represents your company culture. When the work environment clearly communicates the values of the company, it brings a sense of belonging and a sense of pride to your employees, motivating them to contribute to the surrounding atmosphere. An example of a productive workplace is Google’s headquarters, which is called the Googleplex; it offers many services and perks to their employees to keep them feeling comfortable at work. They are able to retain their valuable employees because there are many benefits to working on the Googleplex campus. Plus, it’s vibrant, colourful, and filled with so many new ideas that it inspires and fosters creativity. Of course, Google is one of the most successful companies in the world with lots of resources, so don’t think that your design needs to be as extensive as Google’s is. But even small things, like the office rules you have or how the space is decorated can have the same positive effect.


Unhappy workers are less motivated, productive, and will come in late or take more time away from the office. If people are uncomfortable in their work environment, physically or mentally, they are unlikely to be successful. That is why it is important to pay attention to the vibe of your office, and make sure that your employees are comfortable and happy working in the space that you have provided. One way to better understand how you can create your productive workplace atmosphere is by using teambay, an innovative survey platform that creates a continuous internal dialog and analyses anonymous employee feedback, boosting companies’ productivity.


Author: Alex Weitzel