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Founded in 2010 | Between 101 and 150 employees | Marketing and advertisement
DC Media Network is a communication and media agency who creates performance-driven marketing campaigns for digital brands to scale their businesses. Created in 2010 and employing more than 70 people located in Berlin, Paris, Bangalore and more, DCMN is using teambay to value its employees’ opinion. teambay allows them to gather the thoughts and feelings from people with different personalities and from different culture backgrounds.


Offerista / barcoo

Founded in 2008 | Between 101 and 150 employees | Information service
The Local Reach Group Offerista, composed of barcoo and Marktjagd, provides digitalized local-based services for trade marketing. They chose teambay for its implementation ease and its high-quality ready-to-use questions. Offerista needed fast feedbacks to solve issues quickly and teambay’s weekly anonymous feedback met their needs precisely.



Founded in 2009 | Between 151 and 300 employees | Videogames
Wooga is a German game maker. Keeping a creative atmosphere for their certainly very diverse and inventive activities is one of their strengths. Wooga already creates a great work environment and company spirit through a colorful workplace, impressive graphics, and exciting company events. However, Wooga lacked a regular snapshot of their employees motivation, current state and mood. The weekly teambay question “How was your week at work?” gives them an idea about trends within the company, what affects employees and thus facilitates raising issues with the team.


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founder of teambay, creating customer success storiesSarah Bohlmeier – Founder & Managing Director

MSc Organisational Behaviour from London School of Economics, Human Resources professional & social science researcher

King's College London

Founded in 1829 | Between 5,001 and 10,000 employees | Education
King’s College London was founded by King George IV in 1829 as a university college in the tradition of the Church of England. It now welcomes staff and students of all faiths and beliefs. King’s professors played a major part in nineteenth-century science and in extending higher education to women and working men through evening classes. King’s College has now a 25,000 students alumni network from 140 countries.

King's College London logo

Kühne + Nagel

Founded in 1890 | Around 70,000 employees | Logistics & Transport
Kuehne + Nagel is a global transport and logistics company, which specialises in sea freight and airfreight forwarding, contract logistics, and overland businesses with a focus on providing IT-based logistics solutions. Founded in 1890, the company has a rich history which has led it to become one of the world’s leading global logistics companies. Currently, Kuehne + Nagel operates around 1,300 offices in over 100 countries.


Kühne Nagel Logo


Founded in 1996 | Around 70,000 employees | Global Services
Arvato is a division of Bertelsmann which provides services such as customer support, information technology, logistics, and finance. In developing solutions, they place a strong focus on automation and data/analytics. Clients from a wide range of industries rely on Arvato’s portfolio of solutions, from telecommunications providers and utilities companies through banks and insurance companies to e-commerce, IT and internet providers.


customer arvato logo


Founded in 2012 | Between 151 and 300 employees | Financial service
SumUp is a leading provider of mobile card payment. Founded in 2012, they have a team of more than 200 employees and operate in 11 countries. teambay helps SumUp to raise issues across countries, as well as within an international team and get real-time feedback.

SumUp logo

Planet Sports

Founded in 1993 | Between 51 and 200 employees | Online Retail
Planet Sports was founded in 1993 and is today Europe’s biggest Online Shop for board sports and street wear products. Aside from activewear and equipment, they also offer everyday clothing. 250,000 articles from over 450 brands are all presented in their online shop.

planet sports customer logo

"'s simply great! It helped us start discussions about "difficult" topics in a very relaxed manner. But it's also about the little things employees might feel odd asking about personally."
Benjamin Thym CEO - Offerista
"The real innovation teambay provides is the analysis of the data. The results are displayed in a clearly arranged report. At first sight, companies can see what actions to take and can compare their culture to other companies. It is a simple solution that works for small teams and big corporations."
Jeremy Ames CEO - HiveTech HR
"Yearly conducted employee surveys are a product of the past. In a fast-moving environment, we have to be in touch with our employees, learn from their experiences and react to their concerns. teambay helps to prevent problems from reaching the business' most valuable asset, their people."
Dirk Blesius Senior VP Human Resources - Kuehne + Nagel
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Sarah Bohlmeier – Founder & Managing Director

MSc Organisational Behaviour from London School of Economics, Human Resources professional & social science researcher