Our Commitment to Anonymity

Software designed for true, honest, and constructive feedback.

Introducing the teambay Anonymous Zone

A combination of encoding algorithms, high quality coding, and secure servers which protects the identity of employees and ensures that no one, not even teambay’s support team, can track who has given which feedback.
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How We Ensure Constructive, Anonymous Feedback



The Minimum Required Entries Barrier

If there are less than 5 entries of any kind of data for any department, group, or level of benchmarking, the software simply will not display the responses. This applies for all divisions; if a department, gender group, or other segmentation has less than 5 entries, the specific group analysis will be disabled. This is to ensure that nobody can trace the responses back to a specific person.



Positive Thank You Messages Only

Every idea or “Thank You” sent via teambay contains a link to flag the text as inappropriate. Once an entry has been flagged, the entrant will be sent an email, warning them and allowing them to explain. teambay’s customer support team will review the entry, decide whether or not it is inappropriate, and take relevant action. Employees can be blocked from teambay if they are found to be misusing it: If an employee continues to send negative messages to his/her colleagues and is reported for it each time, teambay will send up to 3 warnings before blocking this employee from using teambay.



Random Checks by a Real Person

To ensure positive communication between colleagues in the “Thank You” feature, teambay’s support team randomly checks 10% of the messages.
Please note, the customer support team cannot and will not check the ideas submitted to management.


Anonymous Dialogue

When managers reply to given feedback and ideas via the dialogue feature, they can decide whether they want to remain anonymous or not. In any case, the employee always remains completely anonymous throughout the dialogue.

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Sarah Bohlmeier – Founder & Managing Director

MSc Organisational Behaviour from London School of Economics, Human Resources professional & social science researcher