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teambay Anonymous Zone

teambay Anonymous ZoneⓇ – a combination of encoding algorithm, high quality code, and secure servers – protects your identity and ensures that no one can track where entries are coming from. No one can access the anonymous employee feedback database, not even teambay’s support team.

Secret ID

Every time you submit an answer via teambay, your profile is assigned to a UUID (universally unique identifier) that is secret, unique and assigned only for one week and one profile. Once you submit an answer, we reset the UUID and assign a new one the next time you access the Anonymous ZoneⓇ. This makes it impossible for anyone monitoring an internal network to track which URLs are being accessed in the network and at what time.

Https Encryption

HTTPS is a protocol for secure communication over a computer network which is widely used on the Internet. HTTPS consists of communication over Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) within a connection encrypted by Transport Layer Security or its predecessor, Secure Sockets Layer. The main motivation for HTTPS is authentication of the visited website and to protect the privacy and integrity of the exchanged data (source: wikipedia). In other words, no middle man can sit between your responses and teambay servers.


Every text submitted to teambay is encoded before it is stored in the database. In other words, if the system was hacked, the stored data by itself has no meaning without the decoding code. Every account has its own decoding code and only with it can the data be read.

anonymous zone

Strict Rules To Ensure High Quality Anonymous Employee Feedback

Rule 1: The 5 Entries

For every department, group or any level of benchmarking, if there are less than 5 entries for any kind of data, the software simply doesn’t display the data. In simpler words: If a department has 5 employees and only 3 employees answered, the department manager can’t see the results. If this department has 2 female employees, the gender analysis for this department report will be disabled. Same thing applies to all segmentations of the data report.

Rule 2: Positive Thank You & Ideas Only

Every idea or “Thank You” sent via teambay, contains a link to flag the text as inappropriate. Once an employee entry is flagged as inappropriate, an email notification will be sent to that employee, warning them and asking them to explain why they think the entry is inappropriate. teambay’s customer support team will then review the entry, decide whether or not it is inappropriate and take relevant action. This could include blocking the employee from using teambay if the comment is found to be inappropriate.

Rule 3: 10% Checked By A Real Person

To ensure positive communication between colleagues in the Thank You Angel or the Idea To Colleague features, teambay’s support team randomly checks 10% of every customer’s ‘Ideas To Colleague’ and ‘Thank You’s. Please note, the customer support team does not and is not able to check the ideas submitted to management.

Rule 4: 1st Month Everything Checked

In the first 4 weeks of using teambay, the new customer’s communication between colleagues will be checked, to ensure everything exchanged is positive. Please note, the customer support team does not and is not able to check the ideas submitted to management.

Rule 5: The 3 Warnings

If an employee keeps sending negative feedback to his/her colleagues and is reported for it at each time, teambay will send up to 3 warnings before proceeding to block that employee from using teambay. The management will be able to see who of their employees is blocked from teambay, but won’t be able to read the feedback that was sent. Please note, the teambay customer support team does not and is not able to check the ideas submitted to management.