Team and management development
Holistic personnel development with continuous employee feedback.


Analyse, Support, Develop
Applications of employee feedback in management development

Bottom-up feedback on leadership topics

Ask for your employees honest opinion on a regular basis. For a comprehensive information basis that you can build on with targeted development measures.

Regular needs assessment

Do your employees have sufficient development opportunities? How are the trainings offered by your company being perceived? Do your employees see a clear career prospects in your company? With continuous feedback you can discover weak points and needs on time and react effectively.

Accompany leadership training for sustainable impact

Training courses and seminars can only be effective, if their contents are sustainably worked into daily business and processes. Assess needs before the training, get ongoing feedback and follow up on implementation progress and possible challenges.

Strengthen team development

In personnel development, not only the individual but also the team is an essential factor. With team surveys you can get a holistic overview on cooperation and teamwork. Also, you can implement employee feedback faster if managers are working directly with the responses. This way all directly affected people are involved and it supports the development of the team as a whole.

A few of our teambay features
that can support you in personnel development

puls anzeige

Continuous Pulse-Checks

drei figuren

Team surveys

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Individual feedback chats

kreis in segmenten

Surveys for departments, projects…

Teilen und delegieren

Task & result delegation


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