people working together for great company culture

teambay was founded with one question in mind:

How can we promote real employee satisfaction?

people working together for great company culture

Answering this important question became our mission: we researched, tested, and poured all our efforts to creating a solution that could apply to absolutely any company, anywhere. Our goal was, and always will be, to help others build a great company culture that naturally fosters productivity and incites healthy discussions for a better workplace, with happier and more engaged employees.

We’ve created 12 questions that can help you identify where your company culture stands, and how well you are promoting employee satisfaction, engagement, and productivity.


  1. Do employees in your company feel valued?
  2. When an employee has a problem, does she/he use “they/them” to describe it or “we/I” ?
  3. Do you believe all your team has the tools they need to do their work well?
  4. Is your office/working space an optimal place for fostering innovation and productivity?
  5. Are you convinced that you are hiring the right person to do the right task? Are you happy with your recruiting efforts?
  6. Do your employees know what is next on your company strategic map? Do you all share the same vision?
  7. Do you believe your teams are giving their best in doing their job?
  8. Do you work by consensus when making a big decision for your company?
  9. Do you accept it when someone is having a not-so-productive day at work?
  10. Do you regularly ask “what do you think” and “what do you suggest”?
  11. Do you have a support strategy for young leaders?
  12. Are the majority of the roles in your company based on responsibilities or tasks?


One of the difficulties of managing company culture is that issues in one area can affect all the other areas as well, which brings down the overall performance of your team. Furthermore, finding out what exactly went wrong is hard to tell.

The first step to solve any problem is to analyse its cause. That’s where asking your employees for feedback makes sense, especially since these issues affect them the most. Employee satisfaction surveys are a common practice to discover what issues your employees might have. At teambay, we’re revolutionising this common practice to make it the most useful tool it can be for building a great company culture.


Our Process


1. Listen to employee feedback frequently

It is amazing how simple, yet effective frequent feedback can be. If you can show every employee in your team that you care about their opinions and feelings toward their work and will act on their feedback, they will be more motivated and satisfied. However, managers find themselves lacking the time to ask each employee how they feel every week, particularly with larger companies. Moreover, asking the right questions is crucial, and not all managers can know what to ask when. These issues are exactly what we are trying to solve.

teambay allows you to gather feedback on a new organisational topic every time you ask a question. Our question plan includes yes/no questions with space for follow up comments. By using our plan or asking your own custom questions with whatever format you’d like, you can get a good understanding of your team. The teambay dashboard will show results and suggestions on important organisational topics in your company, allowing you to pinpoint and understand key issues. The feedback frequency is flexible depending on what’s right for your company: some choose to ask three questions a week, some ask once a month, but ultimately it’s up to you.

Here is an example of how you gather feedback with teambay:

question process

2. Address the problem with numbers, not guesses

For every question you ask, teambay provides you with clear, actionable view of the results. In only a few minutes, you can easily pinpoint problems, read feedback, and get advice on how to proceed.

The teambay average is a benchmarking algorithm that we have developed to compare your company results to everyone else’s. Typically, getting an above average result means you’re doing well with this topic, and can focus on other problem areas.


3. Take action

Now that you what your employees think, it is time to take action to improve the situation. With teambay, employees who answer negatively will always be able to follow up the question with suggestions. You should read this section carefully, as this feedback will give you critical insight on what you can do to improve employee satisfaction. After employees have sent in their ideas, you can respond anonymously to address their concerns, and engage in an open, honest dialogue to resolve any issues. For further guidance on how to react to feedback, teambay provides you with general advice, and our support team of experts is available for appointments to build personalised solutions.

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4. Share your company culture responsibilities with your management team

Great company culture and employees happiness should not only be the responsibility of the HR Department. Your company department heads and employees alike should be striving toward a positive, engaged culture. That is why custom groupswe decided to provide an independent report for each department when we designed our reporting system. These results can be sent directly to department heads, so they can get an overview of their team’s situations and act on their behalf.

teambay questions cover various organisational topics. We are constantly updating our research and have turned more than a thousand job satisfaction questions into 45 questions that cover all the main topics. When using the teambay over a period of one year, you cover all the key organisational topics and build a very good understanding of your organisation’s weaknesses and strengths.

Moreover, you can take advantage of our anonymous platform and ask your own custom questions. This enables you to gather your employees’ honest opinions on any topic you might want to explore, like a new branding project, your office, a team event, etc.


Building a great company culture is not an easy task, but using teambay’s anonymous survey platform will help you streamline everyone’s efforts to transform your company. Check out our results page to see how you could benefit after just one year of using teambay.


Don’t forget to sign up for an online demo with teambay and get your first 4 weeks completely free to build your great company culture.

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