• Employee Survey Impact

    Anonymous employee feedback with teambay is beneficial for both companies & employees.

Impact on companies

Strive for an engaged team with teambay. The result:


Improvement in productivity


Improvement in profitability


Lower turnover than an equivalent disengaged team

Boost business performance

Solve concerns before they are problems

Drive decisions with data

Continous overview on productivity

Employer branding

Engage middle management

Best return on investment

Start a conversation with every employee

Improve customer satisfaction

"Yearly conducted employee surveys are a product of the past. In a fast-moving environment, we have to be in touch with our employees, learn from their experiences and react to their concerns. teambay helps to prevent problems from reaching the business' most valuable asset, their people."
Dirk Blesius Senior VP Human Resources - Kuehne + Nagel
"..We started the survey project with teambay.com a few weeks ago, to aggregate and analyse our employees opinion on various topics about OUTFITTERY. The implementation is easy and our employees are very thankful for getting the possibility to get heard in an anonymous way."
Iris Hay Head of HR - OUTFITTERY
"The real innovation teambay provides is the analysis of the data. The results are displayed in a clearly arranged report. At first sight, companies can see what actions to take and can compare their culture to other companies. It is a simple solution that works for small teams and big corporations."
Jeremy Ames CEO - HiveTech HR

Impact on employees

teambay Engages The Entire Company


Management can initiate change




Employees like teambay




Weekly participation



Reveal honest opinions

Open door to upper management

Feel good

Be yourself

Send & receive honest appreciation

Improve professionally

Improve the workplace

"It is really nice to have a platform to discuss these topics. A lot of them are really important but get lost in daily business. "
Anonymous Employee
"I love the idea of asking quick question combined with the “Thank You” and the tips for management. I recommend teambay 10/10."
Anonymous Employee
"Finally we dont have to do these lengthy surveys anymore and there is a feedback to what you are saying."
Anonymous Employee
At teambay we love data. And we use it not only to help our customers improve their employees happiness, motivation and engagement, but also to prove teambay's effectiveness
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Sarah Bohlmeier – Founder & Managing Director

MSc Organisational Behaviour from London School of Economics, Human Resources professional & social science researcher