Designed to improve employee satisfaction, productivity and happiness at work.

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New Organizational Question Every Week

A question is sent to your team via email every Friday at 4PM by default. The questions are very simple, actionable and take less than 30 seconds to answer.

Covering The Elements Of Happiness At Work

Decades of research papers and studies on employee engagement, employee satisfaction and employee productivity are combined into a set of questions, for a full year’s analysis of your organization as a workplace.

You Get An Actionable Report Of Your Team's Anonymous Answers

teambay’s report allows you to track the related metrics over time, and between departments within your company. Pinpoint challenges and plan where an action is needed. Interact with your employees’ anonymous feedback. All in real time.

More Features To Analyze Your Team's Anonymous Feedback

Reply To The Anonymous Feedback

Individually reply to anonymous feedback from each employee via teambay Dialog®.

Set Custom Groups And Segments

Create custom feedback groups based on the needs of your organization. Each segmentation or grouping must contain more than 5 responses for the report to be displayed. This is important for maintaining the complete anonymity of the employees.

Gather Open Ideas And Suggestions

Employees can always send suggestions or ideas directly to management, regardless of the question of the week.

Introduce A Culture Of Appreciation With teambay Thank You

teambay asks weekly, “Who would you like to thank this week?” then delivers the thanks on Monday morning, for a great start to the week.

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Sarah Bohlmeier – Founder & Managing Director

MSc Organizational Behaviour from London School of Economics, Human Resources professional & social science researcher