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Ask Questions Regularly

Use teambay’s innovative software to send out questions to your team. Choose from our scientifically-backed question plan or set your own custom questions. Go at your own pace: ask as many questions as you want, as frequently as you want.

teambay Question

Receive Constructive, Anonymous Feedback

Employees will receive an email, SMS or app notification which prompts them to answer the current question(s). Employees will be taken to the Anonymous Zone to give their feedback without any chance of being identified. They can either give a quick yes/no answer, or expand on their thoughts in the follow-up and the open ideas section.

anonymity screenshot

Get Actionable Analysis Reports

teambay’s report allows you to track related metrics over time. Pinpoint challenges and plan where action is needed by viewing specific results for departments, genders, office locations, age groups, seniority levels, employment types, or time with the company. See how you’re doing in comparison to our teambay average, so you can react accordingly.

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Interact with Employee Feedback

Create a safe environment for open discussion through teambay Dialogue. Respond to anonymous feedback directly in the dashboard. Keep the conversation anonymous on both ends, or let your employee know that you’re the one responding to their concern. The employee will always remain anonymous.

teambay dialogue

Say Thank You

Let your colleagues know you appreciate them with teambay’s “Thank You” feature. An anonymous or signed email will be sent with your message on the morning of the next working day. It’s a simple gesture, with a great impact on the start to your colleague’s week.

teambay thank you

“It is really nice to have a platform to discuss these topics. A lot of them are really important but get lost in daily business.”

Anonymous Employee

“I love the idea of asking quick question combined with the “Thank You” and the tips for management. I recommend teambay 10/10.”

Anonymous Employee

“Finally we don’t have to do these lengthy surveys anymore and there is a feedback to what you are saying.”

Anonymous Employee

“Very good and simple Tool. Great Support!”

Anonymous Employee
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Sarah Bohlmeier – Founder & Managing Director

MSc Organisational Behaviour from London School of Economics, Human Resources professional & social science researcher