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Managers are constantly asking themselves, “How can I get my workers to be more productive?” There are certainly many answers to this question, but a simple way to boost productivity is by implementing information transparency, especially in regards to processes and decision making. Transparency in the workplace means open and honest communication between employers and employees about the long and short term goals of their company. This, in turn, leads to a heightened level of trust in management, increased employee engagement, and a deeper understanding of employees’ roles in achieving the company’s objectives.


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The Benefits of Information Transparency 

When managers are more open with their employees about the goals of the company, employees gain a heightened level of trust towards their managers. More communication builds better relationships between the two. Employees feel more inclined to work harder for someone that they have a good relationship with. In addition, effective communication allows the employees to feel more comfortable voicing their opinions and asking questions, which could yield valuable input from employees when it comes to problem solving as well as clarity about work processes. Healthy relationships between management and their employees not only builds trust, but also loyalty. In turn, a tighter bond between employer and employee results in a heightened level of productivity from employees because they feel more comfortable in the workplace.

Another benefit of transparency is more employee engagement. Transparency improves employee engagement by highlighting their importance and making them feel more included. Employees are more likely to work harder when they know that their contribution is valuable and when their employer reaffirms their importance.

In addition to fostering trust and more engagement, transparency gives employees a better understanding of what their role is within the company and how their contribution plays a part in achieving long and short term goals. This is a very important factor because it allows the employees to do their work with a specific objective in mind, leading to more effective work. Workers feel more involved when they understand why certain things are happening in the company and can focus their work more towards accomplishing a communicated goal. This provides more context for the workers, giving them a deeper understanding of the company’s vision and values. When employees understand the importance of their role in the big picture, their level of productivity increases.


How Can I Introduce More Transparency to My Organisation?

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Transparency is only achieved through constant and effective communication between employers and their employees. When values, goals, and objectives are evident to everyone in the organisation, the culture of the company becomes stronger and more consistent. One very effective way to implement transparency into your workplace is by using a service such as teambay. The teambay app facilitates communication between managers and their employees and gives employees a chance to voice their opinions, thus cultivating a high level of transparency.

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Author: Alex Weitzel