monitor change in team satisfaction, Zufriedenheit des Teams beobachten

A tool to monitor change situations was first requested by our friend Christoph Ranaweera from Wooga Pear’s Peril team. Christoph wanted a simple way to track Pear’s Peril team’s satisfaction of their week. The idea is to monitor how the changes and the different creative projects, the team is working on, are affecting the team’s overall satisfaction every week. Moreover, he wanted to open up a discussion-platform in case of any negative experiences and invite every employee to submit his/her concerns and ideas to improve the situation anonymously via teambay.


We loved Christoph’s idea and decided to enable it for all our customers as an optional add-on for our weekly simple question.

If you are in Retail or in a large enterprise, enabling the weekly rating is highly recommended!

Just imagine the impact of this simple question in a large enterprise or if you work in retail for example. Asking your staff at the end of each week to rate their week and submit suggestions anonymously, provides you with an actionable report including benchmarking between your different stores or departments and a sweet summary of all the successes and challenges.. Wouldn’t that be a huge value?

How it works

The feature works in a very simple way: In addition to teambay weekly question, a short question appears at the end of the page asking the employee to rate their week on a scale from 1 to 5. If only 1 star is given, the employee is asked to give a reason for the negative rating. If 5 is given the employee is asked to share their positive suggestion.
teambay then presents all the answers, showing you how your company performed in comparison to teambay Average and how each department within your company rated the week. And of course, replying on the employees anonymous feedback is enabled for the Weekly Rating as well.

Here you can try it for yourself in this demo. Note that the first question is teambay weekly question that changes every week, the second question is the weekly rating question which is optional. Keep an eye on your employees general satisfaction with this simple weekly rating.