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Customized Surveys


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Continuous Pulse-Checks

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Detailed one-time

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Satisfaction index

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Innovation management

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Project monitoring

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Change management

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Team surveys

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NPS (Net Promoter Score)

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Culture change

Tools & Functions

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Flexible choice and
creation of questions

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Surveys for
Departments, Projects…

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Thank You messages

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Communication channels: App, Email, stationary PCs…

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admin roles

Meaningful Analyses

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Real-time results

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Internal & external

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PDF/Excel Exports

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Illustration of the
organizational structure

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Individual feedback chats

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Discussion board

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Task & result delegation

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Employee dashboard

Main Platform Areas

Anonymous Zone

Here your employees answer the selected questions and get the chance to send additional ideas and thank you messages. Employees can be informed about new questions and get access to the Anonymous Zone via email, our app and other channels.

Question Plan

Plan upcoming surveys, choose questions from our scientifically based question plan and ask custom questions in different formats. You can also ask specific department questions.

Analysis Dashboard

The dashboard shows you results to each survey in real-time. You can monitor result development, compare departments, locations etc. and reply to feedback.

Anonymity & Security

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GDPR compliance

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Multiple encryptions
and UUIDs

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Total employee anonymity

Find out more about anonymity and data security at teambay.