Product Updates

teambay’s Product Development Team is always working to fine-tune and enhance features in the Anonymous Zone for employees and the Dashboard for company managers. Updates to features and related announcements will be made here. Our Product Development team is diverse and international, and we operate in English. To maintain a consistent, detailed level of information, our announcements here will be provided in English.

For any questions regarding updates and features, please contact our Customer Success Team.

Review our new teambay Guides (English or Deutsch) for information on teambay’s features as well as answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

27 October 2019

You can request an Excel file of results information in your teambay account. The file includes “raw” results information without analysis while still respecting teambay anonymity rules. This is available for admin users with “All Rights” and can be found in Settings > Download Results Data as Excel file.

12 August 2019

The PDF Export feature on the Dashboard has been revised. Look for a new button called “Print View”. This feature changes the format of the Dashboard results and provides a “Download PDF” button to generate the PDF. Any selected Filters or changes you make to the initial view of the Dashboard will be reflected when you click “Print View”.

5 August 2019

The Dashboard and subsequent features of the teambay application have been greatly enhanced. Read more in English or Deutsch.

23 April 2019

The main Dashboard page has been reengineered to load faster. These enhancements also mark some features we have coming up in the pipeline, which will allow you to filter results on the Dashboard with greater flexibility.

14 January 2019

Have you added new Employees to your Employees page since the start of your last survey? Now you will see a new feature to send an email from teambay to these employees, inviting them to provide feedback. This is available after you add any new employees and if you have an active survey.

07 January 2019

Starting today you can add and manage Admin users with greater flexibility for access and restriction within your teambay account. These enhancements allow you to make changes to these privileges for Admins later on as well.

Visit your Settings page > Admin settings to see a revised overview of current Admins. The Privileges for each Admin user is also listed.

20 November 2018

We have launched a new feature called Peer Feedback. This allows Employees to send feedback to each other via the Anonymous Zone. All Peer Feedback sent can be viewed by teambay Admins on the new Peer Feedback page in the Dashboard.

By default, all Peer Feedback must be approved by a teambay Admin. Once approved, an email is sent to the Employee. Admins are also able to Reject feedback and provide a reason for the Employee who sent it.

To enable this feature, visit Settings > Feedback Cycle Settings > Peer Feedback.

20 October 2018

What’s New in the New Question Plan?

  • Fresh and new interface to drag and drop Questions in the Library to the Question Plan.
  • Ability to place Custom Department Questions in the Question Plan connected with a Company question or without (then only employees in that Department will be notified of this question).
  • Option to remove all Questions from a specific date, therefore no survey is asked on that date.

A short video tutorial on how to use your New Question Plan can be viewed here in English or Deutsch.

12 September 2018

Now in Settings > Feedback Cycle Settings, Company Admins will see options to:

  • Enable the automatic sending of a Reminder email to employees who have not answered the most recent survey.
  • Enable the automatic closing of a survey, after a specified number of days.

29 August 2018

Your Question Plan now has 11 new teambay questions. Simply visit your Question Plan and scroll down to the section “Additional Optional Questions” to review them and add them to your schedule.

27 August 2018

When adding Custom Questions you will now see a feature to make the question recurring, so it is asked with each survey to your employees. You can also select to have it asked with teambay or custom questions for a given date, or have it asked alone.

23 August 2018

The “Sub-Report” menu on your Dashboard lets you filters results by Departments, or groups of Departments. We have created a new tool to let top level admins revise and create Sub-Reports. Visit Employees > Edit Sub-Reports.

21 June 2018

We have made a small revision to the ability to Share Feedback Dialogues. In Settings > Report Settings > “Feedback Dialogue Sharing with Employees” : the default Off allows you only to share Dialogues with other Admins. Toggling it On allows admins to share Dialogues with Employees and Departments.

18 June 2018

The Participation Stats page now has a menu to select results based on Year, which will help improve performance of loading this page.

11 June 2018

We have made a small revision related to participation results from Employees. This revision improves the accuracy of the display of results for Departments or Offices, and ensures that past results are maintained.

PDF reports will now include the name of the Sub-Report, if you had selected one to view.

4 June 2018

Downloaded PDF reports will now include a Participation rate for that specific question.

24 May 2018

We are excited to launch two new features:

  • Sharing of Feedback Dialogues: Admins will notice a new “Share” button on Feedback Dialogue pages. This allows you to share the feedback with individual email addresses as well as entire Departments within your company. The recipients will then receive an email with a link to view the Dialogue and post further replies.
  • A new Employee Dashboard: would you like to give your Employee a high-level view of results from each question? Simply visit your Dashboard > Settings > Report Settings > and see a new “Employee Dashboard” toggle. Once enabled, your Employees will see a link at the very end of the Anonymous Zone which takes them to this special page designed just for them.

8 May 2018

teambay has a rule where quantitative results from a question will not show unless 5 or more employees have answered the question. Today we are revising this rule to encompass text feedback to questions and Ideas.

  • Now when you are reviewing results in the Dashboard or filtering results with the Sub-Reports menu, this type of feedback will show in your current view only if 5 or more employees have provided an answer to the question.
  • Additionally, the feature to export text feedback as an Excel files has been moved out of the left side navigation to the “Additional Feedback” and “Ideas” pages. The new Download button on those pages will trigger an Excel file to be made with results either from the whole company or from a selected Sub-Report. As an additional step to further ensure anonymity, feedback in the exported file will no longer include the name of the Sub-Report.

25 Apri 2018

  • We revised a small bug on the Additional Feedback page related to filtering results with the Sub-Reports menu. Now results will load more consistently.

27 March 2018

  • We have added the Sub-Reports menu (to filter based on Departments) to the following pages: Participation Stats, Additional Feedback, and Ideas.

5 February 2018

  • When employees enter line breaks when giving feedback, they are now preserved in their comments, making it easier to read.

1 February 2018

  • Your Employees page include a link to download a revised special letter which you can send to your employees, to inform them of the features of teambay.

9 November 2017

  • You may now download a PDF report with results for individual questions. You’ll see a button on your Dashboard results, underneath the question and date in the blue bar.

16 October 2017

  • The interface to add Custom Questions has been streamlined and enhanced.
  • We have also added a new Custom Question type: Scale Question, with a sliding scale of 1 to 10.

2 October 2017

We have added a feature to ask Custom Questions to specific Departments.

  • On your Question Plan page, after clicking “Add Custom Question,” you will be prompted with a menu to select the Audience of the Custom Question. You may select “Entire Company” or specific Departments. Any Custom Question selected for a specific Department will appear underneath a main Company Question on your Question Plan page.
  • Employees will always be first shown the main Company Question, followed by the Department specific question (for Employees within that Department).
  • Company Admins may add a Custom Question to any Department. Department Admins may add Department specific questions to their own Departments.

30 August 2017

  • We have revised the top portion of the main Dashboard to give you a nicer and clickable overview of questions asked. The table includes the date, calendar week, participation, category and type. Just above you will see a clickable summary of the number of questions performing above, below, or around teambay average. A search feature lets you filter by question text.

14 August 2017

  • We have added a new page called “Additional Feedback” in the navigation on the left side of the Dashboard. Here you can see all feedback follow-ups from Employees for each question. It includes follow-ups from the most recent as well as past question results (denoted by “CW”).

10 August 2017

  • We have enhanced the user experience when you, as Company Manager, replies to feedback follow-ups provided by Employees. You may select to have your email address kept anonymous, and if the Employee provides a further reply, you will receive an email notification.

31 July 2017

  • We have added the ability to add Customized Star-rating Questions, which will let your employees provide answers from 1 to 5 stars. Visit your Question Plan > Add Custom Question to give it a try.

5 July 2017

  • Custom Questions in your Question Plan can now be Edited (before the question is answered by your Employees).

28 June 2017

  • We have added the ability to send SMS notifications to your employees, in case you have employees without an email addresses. Please contact our Customer Success Team if you are interested to learn more about this feature.

15 May 2017

  • Settings > Report Settings: New texts describes requirements for enabling each option.

3 May 2017

  • Dashboard > Sub-Reports menu: now includes a link for Entire Company, to make navigating through past results easier between different Reports.

18 April 2017

  • Before today, as employees would answer the current question(s), they were also shown any unanswered questions from previous weeks.
  • Starting today, any unanswered questions from previous weeks will no longer be presented to employees.
  • We made this decision with regard to user experience, data relevance, anonymity and data security.

8 March 2017

  • Your Employees page now features controls to Show/Hide Employees in each Department.

1 March 2017

  • Your Employees page now features a count of active employees in your teambay account. You’ll see the total at the top of the page, as well as counts for each Department.

28 February 2017

  • You may now create customized Multiple Choice questions for your employees. To get started visit your Question Plan > Add Custom Question.

27 February 2017

The Employees page has a new link to our Bulk Change page. There you can apply large scale changes to your employee information in teambay:

  • If you are new to teambay, you can download a template Excel file to fill in with employee information, then upload and import it.
  • You can also Download a current and complete list of your Employee information so you can apply changes and upload it.

22 February 2017

When viewing any Sub-Report, the following areas of the Dashboard will now show the respective results within that Sub-Report:

  • Weekly Star question results over time line graph
  • Ideas to improve the Company list
  • Thank You Mails graph

16 January 2017

  • We have deployed a series of enhancements to help ensure the accuracy of results, in cases where an Employee has recently changed Departments.

4 January 2017

  • Now in your Dashboard as you view question results from previous weeks, the Star question results and the Ideas will also update to the corresponding calendar week.

22 December 2016

  • You may now add open-ended text questions for your employees. Visit your Question Plan page, then “Add Custom Question”.

15 December 2016

  • In Settings > Feedback Cycle Settings you may now disable or enable certain features in the Anonymous Zone for Employees.
  • This includes: Thank You card, Idea card, Star Question, and even the regular teambay Question from the Question Plan.

7 December 2016

  • You can separately enable or disable the suggestions follow-up feature for Yes (thumbs up) or No (thumbs down) answers. This means you can let your employees provide additional feedback for either response. These options can be changed in your Settings page.
  • In your Dashboard this qualitative feedback provided by your employees will be marked with either “Yes” or “No”.

23 November 2016

  • In Settings > Admin Users, we have enhanced the ability to add and remove Admins and Department Admins.
  • In Settings > Reporting Settings you will be able to remove results from a specific calendar week. This might be useful if you wanted to remove results from a trial period.
  • For qualitative feedback, we are adding the ability to mark dialogue between you and your employees as Closed. To do this, simply click the large icon next to an employee’s feedback.

2 November 2016

    • You may now add and remove Admin users on your Settings page. Admins are able to view all results and make changes to the account and Question Plan.
  • On the Participation Stats page, we have added a chart for overall participation based on Office location. This chart appears once you have more than one Office location with at least 5 employees per Office. You can add or edit Offices on your Employees page.

12 October 2016

    • The graphs have been refreshed and are easier to read.
    • The “Thank You mails” list has been changed into a graph. Now you can see the number of people who received a Thank You email more easily.
  • The “Ideas to Improve the Company” section has been revised to show Ideas from the most recent question. To see all Ideas that have been submitted, simply use the Ideas link in the navigation on the left.

28 September 2016

    • When employees answer this week’s question, they will see any questions they have not answered from the last 5 weeks.
  • This ensures that employees that have been on holiday or sick leave can still give feedback on the previous topics. Participation and valuable feedback will not get lost.

13 September 2016

  • You are now able to add Offices in your account, and then associate your Employees with their Office Location. Once you specify at least 5 employees in an Office, you will be able to see the results in your Dashboard under the “All Company” menu.

6 September 2016

    • Review information and make changes to your Question Plan schedule
    • Make changes to reporting options in the Dashboard
  • Change your company logo

24 August 2016

Employees will see a refreshed interface when answering questions and providing feedback:

  • Select language as preferred
  • Information about questions
  • Insight in improving happiness and engagement at work
  • More intuitive usage and optimized functions

3 August 2016

Two features have been added to your Question Plan page:

  • You can now adjust the order of weekly questions by using “Move up” and “Move down”.
  • Would you like to ask your employees more than one question per week? Simply click “Join with previous” to combine a question with the one above it.

20 July 2016

The Employees Page has been enhanced with new features:

  • Employee information can now be edited directly within the app.
  • You can now add, edit, or archive Departments.
  • We have added a new way to differentiate the results of the weekly question between Employees and Supervisors. Once you enable at least five
  • Supervisors in the “Employees” section, you will be able to see this new category in the dropdown menu of the percentage breakdown.
  • In the coming weeks you will be able to add Office Locations within the app.

21 June 2016

teambay now supports results based on Time with Company and Age Groups.

If you would like to submit revised employee data, please contact our Customer Success team. They will follow up with an exported spreadsheet where you can enter Birth Year and Start Date for each employee.

14 June 2016

We have enhanced the way employees answer questions each week: 

  • When employees answer the regular question, they will see any questions they have not answered from the last 4 weeks.
  • This ensures that employees that have been on holiday or sick leave can still give feedback on the previous topics. Participation and valuable feedback will not get lost.
  • As we are no longer sending out the Reminder emails on Tuesday, this will also reduce the amount of emails employees receive.