Anonymity & Data Security
at teambay

Employee Anonymity

Anonymity is an important issue when undertaking employee surveys. For your employees to be able to give open and honest feedback, it is essential that their anonymity is maintained in all parts of the survey. Here are some of the core measures we have taken for the protection of your employees:

key iconRandom IDs

Employees can access the Anonymous Zone via a link containing a UUID (Universally Unique Identifier). This ID is encrypted multiple times with each entering, so with each survey cycle. This makes it impossible for anyone monitoring an internal network to track which URLs are being accessed in the network and at what time.

icon for encryptionData Encryption

All information, texts and personal data transferred to teambay is encoded before it is stored in the database. In other words, if the system were hacked, the stored data by itself would have no meaning without the decoding key.

number five iconRequired Entries Barrier

If there are less than 5 entries of any kind of data for any department, group, or level of benchmarking, the software will not display the responses. This applies for all divisions; if a department, gender group, or other segmentation has less than 5 entries, the specific group analysis will be disabled. This is to ensure that nobody can trace the responses back to a specific person.

anonymity iconAnonymous Dialogue

When managers reply to given feedback and ideas via the dialogue feature, they can decide whether they want to remain anonymous or not. In any case, the employee always remains completely anonymous throughout the communication.

Anonymity & Positive Communication

The aim of teambay is to enable constructive feedback and improve cooperation within the company. One function of our tool is ‘Thank You’ messages that employees can send to their colleagues to show their appreciation. The employee can decide whether he wants to send the ‘Thank You’ message anonymously or not. It is important to us, that only positive ‘Thank You’ messages are sent and that there is no abuse of anonymity. This is why we implemented a few protection mechanisms:

attention iconFlagging inappropriate Messages

Every idea or ‘Thank You’ sent via teambay contains a link to flag the text as inappropriate. If an employee continues to send negative messages to his/her colleagues, he/she can be blocked from using teambay.

icon magnifying glassRandom Checks by a Real Person

To ensure positive communication between colleagues in the ‘Thank You’ feature, teambay’s support team randomly checks 10% of the messages.

Security & Data Privacy

To deliver our service, our survey system needs to process our customers’ employee data. In consequence, data security is an important issue for us. All teambay processes have been designed with employee anonymity and data protection in mind and have been optimized even further in accordance with the GDPR.

shield iconGDPR

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) entered into force on 25.05.2018. These regulations refer especially to data security, transparency and procedural documentation, consequently they have implications for teambay as data processor as well as our customers who transfer employee data to us.

Summary of our principal measures

  • Only certified data centers located in Germany.
  • Standard contractual clauses with all our subcontractors.
  • Encryption of Data in transit and at rest (AES-256).
  • Provision of GDPR compliant Data Privacy Agreements (DPAs) for our customers, including an extensive data privacy concept to transparently inform about our measures and processes.

If you have any questions regarding security and anonymity at teambay, please contact us at