Strengthen Company Culture
Actively involve your employees and take targeted action.


Measure, strengthen, support change

Compare values

Do the company’s values align with the employees’ values? Do employees understand the company values and think of them as authentic?
Make sure that your company values become more than just words on paper.

Track individual KPIs

What kind of culture do I have right now? How do I know what has changed? In order to measure company culture, you need individual KPIs. Ask questions that are really relevant to your company.

Capture your employees’ mood

Changes are most critical for the mood and morale in a company. Be up-to-date with continuous pulse-checks and enable yourself to react early on.

Increase transparency

Transparency is an important factor for every company culture. How do your employees perceive the level of transparency in your company? Does everyone have access to the information they need in order to do a good job? Discover weak points and share results with relevant stakeholders.

Foster appreciation and trust

A lack of appreciation leads to unhappiness and higher fluctuation. Do your employees feel valued? Are there any ideas to foster appreciation in the company?
teambay’s Thank You messages offer an additional channel to show more appreciation to colleagues.

A few of our teambay features
that can support you in culture development

puls anzeige

Continuous Pulse-Checks




Thank You messages


Discussion board

Teilen und delegieren

Task & result delegation


Employee dashboard


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