Support Change Processes
Involve your employees and master the challenges of change.


Continuous monitoring, support and communication
increases the chances of success for every kind of change process

Culture Change

Where are we at? Where do we want to go? Are we on the right path right now?
Culture change needs constant support and and ways to track individual KPIs. For this endeavour, continuous communication is indispensable. We can help you create measurable entities, analyse and develop your culture, without losing touch with daily business.

Digitisation & Automation

How do your employees perceive the changes that are happening? Are there any areas in need of more support?
Times of digitisation are times of constant change and insecurity. This makes constant and transparent communication invaluable.

Leadership Change

Whether changes in senior management are coming up, the company’s structure and hierarchies are being reorganised or individual leaders want resources for personal development – involve your employees in order to get their support and receive comprehensive information to base your decisions on.

Change in Strategy

Does everyone understand the changes in strategy, reasons and business goals? Are your employees sufficiently informed and do they support the changes?
Your employees are the ones putting strategy into practice. Continuous communication helps reaching business goals by tracking KPIs throughout the year and allowing you to constantly adjust and improve.


Who is affected by which changes? Which concerns do your employees have? Does everyone feel informed? How much does the fluctuation risk rise as a result of the reorganisation?
Whether your company is going through a merger, or internal reorganisation, changes in company structure are a very critical type of change process that requires active involvement of all stakeholders in order to master its challenges.

Why continuous employee feedback?

One of the most important factors for successful change processes is engagement. This means engagement of management as well as engagement of employees. Everyone affected by the change, from executive to trainee, needs to be addressed and have the opportunity to engage in and shape the process. We at teambay are convinced that this is the most powerful instrument to decrease scepticism and fear of change and receive your stakeholders’ support. Even more: some issues that are in need of change measures can only be discovered this way.

Top benefits of continuous communication in change processes


  • Opportunities to voice opinions in time
  • Increased reflection on the employees’ side
  • Channel for stress management


  • Higher transparency within the organisation
  • Faster problem solving
  • Culture of open communication


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