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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set teambay up?

teambay is a simple online software. There is no need for any set up. Simply sign up online and everything else will happen on your browser.

Are the questions fix or can I ask my own questions?

The questions we provide are based on scientific research with regard to employees’ productivity and happiness at work. Yet, every company is individual and has individual situations to master. Therefore, you are free to ask your employees any question that is of importance for your company, a specific project or situation.

Can I send more/less than one question per week?

We found that one question a week is a good rythm for most companies. There is not to much analysis, but its a constant feedback basis. Yet, this differs between companies and industries. Consequently, we are open to any kind of rythm. You only want to ask a question every two weeks, or once a month? Or you want to ask three questions a week? No problem. We’ll adapt to your needs.

Is our data safe with teambay?

teambay was created with employees anonymity and data security in mind. All data is stored on European servers, every employee is provided with a unique ID every week and all communication is encrypted and encoded.
You would like to know more? Visit our Employee Anonymity Commitment section.

Who is able to see the analysis/answers of employees?

The analysis will be shown to whomever you decide to see the results. Most of our clients assign the management and HR responsibles. However, as we break down results for departments and (if you want) even projects it could make sense for you to also involve certain project managers, head of departments etc.. The view for results can also be restricted to departments and projects.
Some of our clients display the results of the weekly feedback for all employees to see.
Feel free to choose whatever fits best for your company.

What happens if employees don't answer the questions?

There might be several reasons for why employees don’t answer questions. Sometimes there is just too much work, people are on holiday or on sick leave. In order to give all employees a chance to answer the weekly question, we send reminders that give employees a chance to answer the questions they missed. Want to know more about how to engage employees with teambay? Read our blog article.

Does teambay provide performance feedback as well?

Our mission is to provide an anonymous zone for employees and managers to communicate and grow. teambay is a service that enables a dialogue within the company which will in turn help improve the culture, increase performance and employee engagement. We are NOT providing individual performance feedback.