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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up teambay?

teambay is a simple online software. There is no need for any set up. Simply sign up online and everything else will happen on your browser.

What do I have to do before introducing teambay into my company?

To ensure that the tool is as effective as it can be, we recommend clear and transparent communication before starting to use teambay. When employees know that their feedback will be valued and that their responses will be completely anonymous, it is more likely that they will participate. We are happy to support during this process with advice and templates.

Are the questions fixed or can I ask my own?

The questions we provide are based on scientific research about employees’ productivity and happiness at work. We understand, however, that every company is individual and has unique situations to address. Therefore, you are free to ask your employees any question that is of importance to your company.

Can I only ask yes/no questions?

All of the questions from teambay’s question plan are yes/no questions with a follow up. Learn more about how we choose our questions here.
However, you can choose other formats such as open text, multiple choice, scales, etc. for custom questions.

Can I send more/less than one question a week?

The frequency and consistency needed differs among companies and industries. Consequently, we are open to whatever kind of rhythm you feel is right for your company. Do you want to ask just one question every two weeks? One every month? Or do you want to ask three questions in the same week? Not a problem. We’ll adapt to your needs.

What happens if employees don't answer the questions?

There are several reasons for why employees might not be answering questions. Sometimes people have too much work going on, are on holiday, or are on sick leave. In order to give all employees a chance to answer the question, we send reminders that allows them to answer questions they missed. You can learn more about how to engage employees with teambay by reading our blog.

What do I do with the feedback that I get by using teambay?

It is critical that managers act on the feedback that their employees give them. Within the teambay dashboard, there i opportunity to get advice on how to respond to certain situations. Transparency from management is always important when addressing issues, in order to really solve the problems.

If you would like individual support from experts in the field, our support team is always available for you to contact. Just email us at to set up an appointment. We are happy to talk through and analyse some key issues to help you most effectively address whatever problems you are having.

Who can see the results and analysis?

The analysis will be shown to whomever you decide to see the results. Most of our clients just allow access to management and HR. However, it could be useful to involve project managers, heads of departments, etc. for specific department/project analysis. For this, specific users’ views can be restricted to just their own department’s results. Some clients decide to display the results of the weekly feedback for all employees to see. Whether you want it managed by one person, shared with middle management, or open for all to see, teambay can accommodate. Feel free to choose whatever fits best for your company.

Is it possible to pause the question plan (for holidays, etc.)?

Yes, you can pause and re-activate the question plan whenever you like.

Is my data safe with teambay?

teambay was created with employees’ anonymity and data security in mind. All data is stored on European servers with strict data security guidelines. Furthermore, every employee is provided with a unique ID each week and all communication is encrypted and encoded. Visit our Employee Anonymity Commitment section to find out more.

Does teambay provide performance feedback as well?

Our mission is to provide an anonymous zone for employees and managers to communicate and grow. teambay is a service that enables a dialogue within the company which will help improve the culture, increase performance, and increase employee engagement. We do not provide individual performance feedback.

Any other questions or concerns?

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