agile person doing parkour exhibition

We are agile! Aren’t we? – How to measure agility within your enterprise

Every company is going through the phase of digitization and confronted with constant change. As a consequence, agility is a big buzzword these days. New resolutions are made, policies are crafted. But what does agility even mean? How do executives … Read More

Holzfiguren: Die passende Unternehmenskultur bauen

New Work? Only with the right company culture!

Whilst self-determination is only one of several aspects in the original New Work concept, it is gaining more and more importance in the effective implementation of New Work in companies. Digital transformation allows for a much higher level of flexibility … Read More

Meinungsklima: schweigende Statue

Silence is not always golden – When employees are afraid to speak out

There is no doubt that the success of a company is strongly influenced by the company culture and the every-day working atmosphere inside the company. Shouldn’t that imply a strong need for every company to do their best in order … Read More

people working together for great company culture

4 Steps to a Better Company Culture with teambay

teambay was founded with one question in mind: How can we promote real employee satisfaction?   Answering this important question became our mission: we researched, tested, and poured all our efforts to creating a solution that could apply to absolutely … Read More

Old-fashioned scale, repräsentiert organisatorische Werte

Personal and Organisational Values: More than Just a Flowery Statement

More and more companies are coming to appreciate the advantage of defining company values, as each tries to describe its company culture to potential employees, future clients, or even disillusioned colleagues. How important are these statements of organisational values, and … Read More

freedom-form company

Liberating your Company: The Key to Success?

Are you dreaming of a motivated, self-sufficient and enthusiastic team, high productivity thanks to strong staff engagement and at the same time reducing the company’s costs? Some companies take up the challenge by becoming a freedom-form company or F-form company, … Read More

image of chessboard representing conflict and disagreement at the workplace

Disagreement at the Workplace

The CEO and management consultant Margaret Heffernan conducted a survey among European and American executives asking them about their ability to express disagreement at the workplace in 2015. She found out that 85 percent of them acknowledged that they had … Read More

decision making entscheidungsprozesse

More than just Free Fruits, Coffee and Table Football

To build a company culture that employees can really identify themselves with and to develop work structures that fit different types of employees – seems to be much easier said than done. Still, it is possible. The Berlin-based app analytics … Read More

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“Shopgate thrives on its Employees”

The culture of a company is essential for its success. Especially when experiencing fast growth it is a challenge for a company to maintain the original company culture. Shopgate, a mobile commerce company developing apps and mobile websites for online … Read More

Mitarbeiterfeedback Bottom-Up Feedback employee suggestions

Handling Employee Suggestions: The Key to a More Human Workplace

In a brilliant Ted Talk held in 2012, Ernesto Sirelli talked about his past failures as member of an Italian NGO in Africa. His first experience was to try and teach Zambians how to grow tomatoes in a fertile but … Read More