lady justice, symbolising fairness at work, fairness am Arbeitsplatz

3 Steps to Ensure Fairness in the Workplace

Justice in the workplace is just as important as it is anywhere else. A situation in which employees feel that they are not being treated fairly will result in lower productivity, lack of motivation, and negative relationships, which can lead … Read More

Old-fashioned scale, repräsentiert organisatorische Werte

Personal and Organisational Values: More than Just a Flowery Statement

More and more companies are coming to appreciate the advantage of defining company values, as each tries to describe its company culture to potential employees, future clients, or even disillusioned colleagues. How important are these statements of organisational values, and … Read More

man looking at confusing wall - lacking information transparency

Effects of Information Transparency

Managers are constantly asking themselves, “How can I get my workers to be more productive?” There are certainly many answers to this question, but a simple way to boost productivity is by implementing information transparency, especially in regards to processes … Read More

Manageable Workload, Arbeit unter Kontrolle haben

Manageable Workload: How to Help Your Employees Feel in Control of Their Work

Why is productivity so disappointing in all sorts of companies despite new technologies? Why is there so little engagement at work? Why do people feel so miserable, even actively disengaged? Those are the questions asked by Yves Morieux in a Ted Talk devoted … Read More

change management veränderungsprozesse

Change Management – Empower your People and Listen to Concerns

Throughout the last decades, more and more companies came to the realization that change management is not only inevitable but a constant in any organization. The implementation of processes, methods and structures has become a must-have in any organizational development. … Read More

berufliche ziele erreichen

Professional Goals: Reconciling Personal Aspirations and Daily Work

The American psychologist and Harvard researcher Shawn Achor held a hilarious and smart Ted Talk in 2011 regarding positive psychology. At some point in his speech, he shows a graph made of a series of red dots. All of them … Read More

autonomy at work, wenn mitarbeiter selbstständig arbeiten können steigen Zufriedenheit und Produktivität

Autonomy at Work: The Subtle Art of Delegation

In order to illustrate the power of incentives, the scientist Sam Glucksberg, now at Princeton University, did an experiment using the candle problem. First, you need to know what the candle problem is. If you already do, you can jump … Read More

Mitarbeiterfeedback Bottom-Up Feedback employee suggestions

Handling Employee Suggestions: The Key to a More Human Workplace

In a brilliant Ted Talk held in 2012, Ernesto Sirelli talked about his past failures as member of an Italian NGO in Africa. His first experience was to try and teach Zambians how to grow tomatoes in a fertile but … Read More