continuous change

Continuous Change: When Transformation becomes the Rule

We live in a time of continuous change: digitization, reorganisation and ever changing work environments are daily business. So how can we not just try to keep up with external changes, but instead control change in accordance with our individual … Read More

laptop interne kommunikation

Tips to Improve Your Internal Communication

Effective internal communication is vital to the productivity of your company. With the abundance of tools and services available in today’s high-tech workplace, communicating effectively can become somewhat complicated. Below, I’ve compiled a list of tips to improve your communication … Read More

path representing career growth

Does Your Company Present a Clear Path for Career Growth?

These days, more companies are following the trend of changing their organisational structure to reduce the number of layers in management hierarchy. Their goals are to introduce shorter paths of communication, more team based decision making, and a general sense … Read More

Werkzeuge: wichtig für produktive Mitarbeiter

The Importance of Providing the Right Tools at Work

“You’re only as good as the tools you use” This saying has been around for many years and highlights the importance of using the correct tool for the job. Consequently, it means that your employees are only as good as … Read More

man looking at confusing wall - lacking information transparency

Effects of Information Transparency

Managers are constantly asking themselves, “How can I get my workers to be more productive?” There are certainly many answers to this question, but a simple way to boost productivity is by implementing information transparency, especially in regards to processes … Read More

Werte im Unternehmen, Unternehmenswerte, company values

Company Values & Team Norms

Everybody wants a job that they like and a company that makes them feel happy. Today’s working world is one in which the happiness of employees is of utmost importance, not only in order to retain staff, but also to … Read More