Werkzeuge: wichtig für produktive Mitarbeiter

“You’re only as good as the tools you use”

This saying has been around for many years and highlights the importance of using the correct tool for the job. Consequently, it means that your employees are only as good as the tools that they use, too.

a hammer and a wrench being used incorrectlyWhat do I mean by tools? Devices, equipment, mechanisms, resources, applications — anything that is utilised during the job to assist you in completing your task.

There are thousands of tools out there. The challenge for managers is to find the right ones to implement in the workplace to aid their employees. Whether physical equipment that is needed to perform a task or different applications to facilitate processes at work, it is important for your business to have the correct tools available for your employees to do their work effectively.

Two Kinds of Tools

The first kind of tool is the physical device that employees directly use to complete a task correctly. This can include carpentry equipment, scientific instruments, paintbrushes, etc. They are so important, in fact, that oftentimes a job can’t be done correctly without them. You wouldn’t use a hammer to try and put a screw in place, would you?

Having the right tool is imperative to successful completion of the task at hand. In addition, the right tools allow employees to complete their task efficiently, which affords employees opportunities to expand their range of capabilities.

The second kind of tool expedites processes at work. These might not be necessary to complete a task but are just as important to your business. There are many applications and services out there that you can implement into your workplace that do things like facilitate communication between employees, assist them in keeping their tasks organised, and store their shared documents and resources. Tools like this help you take care of internal things that don’t directly affect your production so that you can spend more time and brainpower focusing in the things that matter most to your business.

In my experience, tools are the backbone of business processes. I have completed multiple internships and have held numerous job positions, and every time I started a new job, the first thing I was instructed to do was to familiarise myself with the tools that the employees of the company use every day. This taught me how internal processes were carried out and even gave me an insight into the company culture. Learning the tools was incredibly valuable to my understanding of how the company operates.

Don’t let your business fall behind

photo editing software on a computer

When employees aren’t provided with the correct tools, they are forced to rely on what is readily available to them. This can lead to inefficient, slow work that might also result in incorrect completion of a task, which companies would obviously like to avoid. These days, tools are being created that are smarter and more efficient. Make sure you keep up with the changing times by providing your employees with the proper and most effective tools for their jobs. Employees might not feel comfortable telling management that they need better devices or more of them, so it’s a good idea to check with them yourself. An easy way to do so is by using teambay, which allows your employees to answer questions anonymously, leading to honest, constructive feedback. Don’t let the lack of correct equipment weigh your company down. If you’d like to see how teambay affords a continuous anonymous dialogue between management and employees, book an online demo with one of their team members today.


Author: Alex Weitzel